What We Do

We specialize in group personal training and helping members like you get the fastest results in the least amount of time. In fact, every letter of the word T.R.I.B.E stands for something important:

Time Efficient

If you’re like us, you’re busy and don’t have a lot of time to work out. Our unique Metabolic Fusion Training™ is designed to fit 60 minute workout results into only 30 minute training sessions, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

Results Oriented

We don’t believe in working out to simply “get a sweat.” We’re focused on getting you results, so we conduct fitness testing to benchmark your fitness level and make sure you’re making progress. We also help you eat the right foods & track bodyfat losses so your body transforms into the lean, athletic look most people find attractive.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner or an elite athlete—all of our workouts can be individualized to your level. For instance, many of our beginner ladies opt to use 15lb kettlebells while some of our strongest men can handle the 80lb kettlebells with ease. Everything here can be individualized to meet your needs.


Our workouts are always different but have one thing in common: balance. Our unique blend of strength workouts, metabolic training workouts, and cardio workouts combine to form Metabolic Fusion Training™ and guarantee that you’ll become a better athlete(even if you don’t see yourself as one!) while minimizing your risk of overuse injuries. By constantly using different types of workouts & equipment, working out never gets stale or boring.


A lot of people don’t expect much out of a 30-minute workout, but walk out of our gym pretty exhausted. Simply check out our success stories section to see what real people like you are achieving every day here at Tribe!

Why It Works

Fitness = Work / Time

It’s really as simple as that. The more work you can do in the same amount of time, the more fit you’ll be. We’ll talk more about that in a moment. Just about everyone who joins Tribe does so for one primary reason…

They want to look good naked.

Can you relate?  To look better naked, we need to combine great fitness with great nutrition—which happens to be the most important variable. Nothing affects how you look and feel more than the food you eat.  That’s why we treat it as our foundation—and why we’ll show you what and how to eat better to drop bodyfat quickly.

The Science Behind Our Success


We begin with the three phases of Metabolic Fusion Training™. First, we build a base of strength so you can translate that strength into the workouts that have the biggest impact on your fat loss.


Those workouts are called metabolic conditioning and are scientifically proven to increase your metabolic rate for the next 16-24 hours so you can burn more fat while you’re outside the gym–which is the most important.


During our metabolic conditioning workouts, we push you to work with incomplete rest–which forces your body to become more fit in less time.

In the last phase of Metabolic Fusion Training™ we add specially designed high-intensity cardio sessions based on cutting edge research shown to accelerate fat loss and rapidly improve cardiovascular fitness.

During the Metabolic Fusion Training™ workouts, our coaches monitor your heart rate in real time to give you instant feedback on your training.

Remember our earlier formula of Fitness=Work/Time? By strategically combining strength, metabolic conditioning & high-intensity cardio workouts, we can help you perform more work in the same unit of time(only 30 minutes!), making you more fit than you are at this very moment.

And that's why it works.

Success Stories

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